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Testing Rules

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Testing Rules Empty Testing Rules

Post  Magicbananas on Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:06 am

Tests will be hosted by staff, they will consist of three duels, all using different decks.
Deck restriction apply to testing. 1st Test is FREE!!

Results will be based on skill, knowledge of rulings, and level of play.
Test results will be posted in a separate topic as "username"'s test results, with comments, and the dorm you have been placed in.


Message a staff member with questions or concern. You can only get retested with your points(5,000 for SLIFERs and 10,000 for RAs). To obtain these points you can sell decks or asking those in the chat box for a duel for points. If you chose to duel for points then you are aware that if u lose you lose points according to how much was wagered. Tournaments are another great way to make points. However, for tournaments to happen they must be approved by a admin and the host must use to host the tournament


This is how we will grade students

Duels (3 For Each Win, 0 For Each Loss) x/9

Ability (How Well did they use the deck, maximum of 2 for each) x/6

Deck Count (+2 for 40-43 Cards, +1 for 44-46 Cards, 0 for the rest) x/6

Creativity (Maximum of 2 for each) x/6
Knowledge (-1 For Each Mistake, maximum 4 for whole match) x/4

score x

Slifer Red: 0-17
Ra Yellow:18-26
Obelisk Blue: 27-31



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